Gray Striped Grain Sack Dog Bed

$325.00 USD

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Our dog beds are made from vintage european grain sacks..... One side is made of gray striped grain sack and the other side is made of French Linen. Please note the image of the dog bed hanging on the rack is the dog bed you will receive. 
These beds can be turned around and used on the other side.  
The sides of the bed are made from sturdy vintage french hemp linen....Please note the fabrics are vintage and may show signs of wear and contain discolorations.
There is a zipper enclosure on the side of the bed.
They are machine washable. Grain sacks are made from handwoven hemp linen and is a very forgiving fabric....
The form is made from 100% premium polyester fiber fill and is also machine washable.
The form will ship separately from the cover....
This dog bed is approximately 34" to 36"in diameter and the height is four inches.....

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